Thursday, October 13, 2011

Time Flies!

Well, it seems that I have been missing in action from my blog for the past four months! Truth is, that things have been crazy busy lately, and I have been much more active at updating my facebook page than my blog.

I just returned home from an AMAZING workshop in Oregon last week, and my head is spinning with new ideas! More on that later....

I have lots of terrific things happening in the next year or so, which I am preparing for...sometimes I wonder how I am going to finish everything. I somehow always manage to meet my deadlines, and have learned to not stress about everything like I used takes the fun out of it....if it doesn't happen the way I imagined it, so be it!

I've posted a few images of some new pieces that I have been working on.
The painting, which is titled 'Putnam Clearing' is a bit of a departure from my past work, in that it is a little more vibrant, but I had great fun painting it.

The new etched pottery pieces are also a little different for me, but still have that organic, natural aesthetic that I try to achieve in my ceramic pieces.

I was very surprised to find these new pieces in a recent issue of 'The Globe and Mail' in the Style section! The article was 'Top 10 fall Design Trends' Awesome surprise!

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