Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New Dog, New Work...New BLOG!

NEW YEAR: I love the new's the time that I look at the past year's successes and failures, and begin to think about my goals for the upcoming year... a time to wipe the slate clean, and get down to business!

NEW DOG: Near the end of last year, we lost our sweet old bulldog; Emma. Emma has been a big part of our lives for a long time, so it was very tough. We hadn't planned to get another dog for quite some time, but our other bulldog; Oliver, seemed to become very depressed and lonely. At the end of November, we brought home LOLA...she has definitely injected energy back into the household and into Oliver! I forgot how much work puppies are, but it is great, nonetheless!

NEW WORK: I already have lots of great things planned for next year, so I am hoping to keep busy making, and really want to try this year, to focus on making work that I love creating. I have recently been developing these sculptural 'basket' forms in preparation for a big show I have coming up in May of this year....I can't wait to work on these some more!

NEW BLOG: Finally...I've just noticed that ceramic legend: Robin Hopper has started a new blog! I'm sure all of the potters know who he is, because of the numerous books, dvd's and countless articles that he has authored, but I urge you to follow his blog regularly. I'm sure it will be filled with witty humour, thoughtful musings and priceless information for any potter or person who reads it...enjoy! Visit his new blog here!

Happy New Year!

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