Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oxford Studio Tour-London Free Press

Thank you to Kathy Rumleski from the London Free Press for the nice article on the upcoming Oxford Studio Tour!
Check it out...

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A big thank-you to Cameron MacNeil, Design Editor at 'Canadian House & Home Magazine' for lovely post about my pottery on his blog:

Check it out, his blog is great!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I can't say much yet, but I just received word today that the above painting, from my current winter tree series was used on set in an upcoming TV drama pilot for CBS Paramount. The show is based in Manhattan & stars a former Grey's Anatomy intern!
I'll post more details when I can. How fun!

Monday, April 6, 2009


As spring approaches, I always feel a need to refresh my house. I was tired of looking at the old painting in my bathroom, and thought I'd try something new and spontaneous, and I love the result! I think it suits my bathroom, as it reminds me of water and waves and the upcoming Spring thaw. I've included a couple of photos of it to share. (Along with my sidekick Oliver who appears very unimpressed!) I'm looking forward to experimenting some more with similar paintings, and thinking of incorporating encaustic for a richer, layered opaque effect.

(For those ceramic aficionados, I've listed below the makers and websites of the pieces in the display niches.)
Top to bottom
Winged vase -- Peter Powning
Teapot -- Robert Archambeau
Crow sculpture -- Mark Chatterley
White bowl -- Kayo O'Young
Vessel form -- Laurie Rolland
Ceramic sculpture (on floor) -- Marko Savard