Saturday, October 10, 2009


I was very pleased to have an article about me and my work included in the current issue of FUSION Magazine, and even more surprised to have my work used as the cover shot!
FUSION is the Ontario Clay and Glass Association, and they do a wonderful job of promoting current happenings in clay and glass in Canada and beyond. They are a not-for-profit organization, and host exhibitions, guest lectures and terrific visiting artist workshops. Early on, FUSION inspired me to keep working in clay, and I remember flipping through FUSION Magazine hoping to one day be included in it.
I urge any clay and glass artist in Canada and elsewhere to visit FUSION's website, become a member, and support this great organization. It is through them that Canadian clay and glass artists can continue to have a strong identity and voice.
FUSION Magazine is available at Chapters and Indigo, as well as select bookstores. Contact FUSION for a complete list of outlets for their publications.
Visit FUSION'S website at:

Photo by Brian Reiser: