Monday, March 2, 2009


I have just finished the pieces for my new collection, which was inspired by a recent trip to the Caribbean...a special place that I have very fond memories of. :)
I love the look of this collection, and the random, spotted white surface reminds me of coral, and natural surfaces that have been encrusted by small barnacles and worn smooth over time.

Narrow-necked bottles, thinly-thrown bowls, and rounded vessels make up this collection.

My new collection will be available mid-March at the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art.

Photos by: Brian Reiser.


FetishGhost said...


Paul said...

Absolutely stunning! I still treasure the raku platter we bought from you when you were "new" to the pottery scene. Prairie

Anonymous said...

beautiful work! just discovered your blog and haven't had time to go through it all but i really like the work. the paintings in 2 posts below are really great too. great to find out about you.

Brett Walther said...

Ooh! I'm coveting!!!

Lesley said...

shane this is quite possibly the sexiest photos I have ever seen. the bowls have taken my breath away.
WOW. your amazing.