Thursday, August 6, 2009


Back in late October 2008, I was filmed for a segment on episode #1008 of HGTV's Pure Design, hosted by Samanth Pynn. I was commissioned to make a large wall piece for their makeover space. I must say that before the episode aired...I was a little nervous, but those nerves quickly faded once I saw what a great job they did! Thank you to all involved, and a special thank you to Samantha Pynn.

The posted video clip (above) is a condensed version of the episode, and not the entire episode. Please visit the show's website to access the entire episode & season, as well as find out all of the products that were used on the episode.

HGTV's Pure design airs on Tuesdays 8:00pm ET | 10:00 PT.

If you missed the show, pick up the January 2009 issue of Style at Home Magazine, as there is a wonderful article about the episode.

The pictured carved bronze piece is the one used in the makeover space.

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Brett Walther said...

Woo-hoo! Great job, Shane!