Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Although most of you know me as a ceramic artist, you may be interested to find out that painting takes up a large amount of my time. Before ceramics, I had always wanted to be a painter. It was through ceramics that I found my own voice, and also my own style. Paintings came again later, and they seem to echo the same feel of my ceramics.

The above photograph is one of my favourite paintings. The long-necked vases are by Mary fox of British Columbia, and the Bronze Sculpture is by George Shadford, also form Ingersoll!

Below is a photograph of my painting Exhibition this past March, 2007. The Ceramics are by Mary Fox of British Columbia, and Laurie Rolland of British Columbia, as well as myself. It was a huge honour for me to show alongside these two very well-known Ceramic Artists. If you get a chance visit these web sites:,

The second photograph is another painting of mine.The ceramic sculpture below it is by Keith Campbell, of North Bay.

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