Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This past November, I flew to Chicago to visit the SOFA EXPO (International Sculpture Objects & Functional Art Exposition).
The SOFA EXPO is one of the best Sculptural Expositions in existence. I wanted to see it, to get inspired for my exhibition next September (More about that later)
I must admit that I was extremely impressed, and seeing this Exposition was exactly what I needed. My new work is heavily influenced by this show, and I am very excited about my new direction. As a result, I have taken a sabbatical for the next year to work on my new pieces and new direction. I will, however, have some new work at a few galleries throughout the year, and will be posting news and images on this site. I also hope to participate in the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition again in 2008.

I was very excited to see, and purchase a piece from one of my favourite sculptors, Mark Chatterley. Meeting Mark was amazing! His work has a dark, unearthed, organic feel to it...just what I love.
You can see some more of his work on this page:

Below are some of my favourite pieces from the SOFA EXPO. Please visit for further information, and artists names.

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